Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International has a comprehensive instructor training programme and a robust system of instructor monitoring and vetting.  All instructor-candidates must complete a period of mentored instruction supervised by a Kidpower Senior Programme Leader before becoming fully certified. For a limited period of time our authorised instructor-candidates, whilst working towards full certification, will be offering workshops free of charge in return for:

  • Evaluations from parents, teachers, caregivers or other leaders taking part in the workshop (for use by Senior Programme Leader)
  • Suitable facilities, free of charge, to conduct the workshops
  • Freedom from liability (please note that all instructor-candidates have full liability insurance and are enhanced Disclosure Scotland vetted)

Please contact us for more information on how to get access to and organise a workshop.

Kidpower UK Services

Kidpower UK can provide People Safety Skills training in a variety of formats for various groups.


With over 20 years experience in providing workshops, Kidpower International has developed many packages and a series of ‘best practice skills’ for its students.

Workshops can be standalone or a series of progressive workshops delivered in a number of sessions.

School/Community Group Drop-Ins

Kidpower instructors can vist schools or community groups where it may be impractical to conduct a full workshop due to time or other constraints, and instead conduct a shorter ‘drop-in’ session.  These sessions can either be one-offs or designed as part of a continuing curriculum.

Small Group or Individual

For individuals (or small groups) who wish to address specific problems or who want to have the undivided attention of the instructors, private sessions can be provided.



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