With over 20 years experience in providing workshops, Kidpower International has developed many packages and a series of ‘best practice skills’ for its students.

Workshops can be standalone or a series of progressive workshops delivered in a number of sessions.

Ages 3-5 Puppetpower Workshop (1 hour)

Storytelling, puppets and interactive role plays introduce simple but powerful skills to handle unkind words, check first before touching something unsafe, move away from someone doing unsafe things such as throwing sand or playing too roughly, and get help from you effectively, even when you are busy.  This workshop can be run in a nursery environment, with staff interaction, or as a parent-child workshop.

Ages 5-8 Parent-Child Kidpower Workshops (2 hour)

Children together with their adults learn age-appropriate Kidpower People Safety skills and how to practice them as a team. Our instructors introduce skills children can use right away to feel safer and more confident dealing with people at home, on the playground, and out and about in the world. Each step of the way, we give supportive coaching so families learn how to continue practicing and reinforcing the skills on their own. This class does not introduce physical self-defense skills.

Ages 8-12 Parent-Child Kidpower + Fullforce Workshops (4 hours)

Children &/or teenagers practice People Safety Skills including taking charge when they are on their own, bullied, intimidated, touched inappropriately or assaulted. The activities and role plays are tailored to be relevant to the lives of older children. In addition, and as an option, children learn and practice physical self-defense skills with one-on-one coaching from a padded instructor. These workshops can be tailored to meet individual needs.