“People Safety” Books for Families, Schools, and Organisations

Life is more fun when we feel safe! Our affordable Kidpower books, comic books, teaching kits, and publications prepare readers to bring “People Safety”  knowledge and skills into their daily lives.


The Kidpower Book

This inspiring, comprehensive guide puts Kidpower’s 23+ years of experience at the fingertips of parents, educators, and all adults who care about protecting children and teens.

Available via Amazon UK: The Kidpower Book for Caring Adults


Bullying Solutions

Learn how to use Kidpower knowledge and skills to protect children and teens from bullying at school, at home, and in your community.

Available via Amazon UK: Bullying – What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe


Safety Comics

Our cartoon-illustrated Safety Comic Book series for younger and older children provides an entertaining, useful resource for teaching kids how to be aware, move away from trouble, set boundaries, and get help.

Available from Kidpower International


Teaching Kits

Our cartoon-illustrated Kidpower and Teenpower/Fullpower Teaching Kits provide social stories and lesson plans for groups of students in classes, recreational programs, and families.

Available from Kidpower International



Our eBooks are easy to download and accessible anywhere. The Kidpower Guide for Parents and Teachers, our Bullying book, and our 30-Skill Coaching Handbook are available.

Available for download from Kidpower International